Biting Bird

Stop Birds from Biting

One of the biggest problems bird owners have with their pets is the tendency birds have to bite. Birds bite for a variety of reasons, which makes breaking this bad habit a bit of a challenge. Luckily, it is often possible to stop birds from biting. Newly weaned baby birds often turn from adorable cuddle…

Shaft Tail Finch

Choosing the Right Pet Bird for You

Birds can be intelligent, enjoyable companions, but choosing the wrong bird can really cause heartache and frustration. How do you choose the right pet bird for you and your family? Before you try to decide which species of bird you want, you may want to think about whether a bird is really the right type…

Zebra Finches

How to Choose a Reputable Bird Breeder

So, you want to buy a bird. All you have to do is find a breeder and give him or her the money, right? Actually, there are some very disreputable bird breeders out there. To be sure you get a healthy, well adjusted bird, you will need to be sure you have chosen a good…