Cat Body Language: How to Tell When Your Cat is Afraid

It’s easy for humans get scared, even if there isn’t a real reason to be afraid. Animals are the same way. This is why it’s important to learn all about cat body language, and what most cats tend to do when they’re afraid so that you can help to alleviate the situation.   Here are…


Common Cat Misbehaviors, And What Causes Them

Being a cat owner hopefully fills you with a sense of love and happiness; here is this little animal with a possibly very loud voice patting around your home and filling you with joy with every step. Every cat has a different personality to them, but a lot of the same behaviors and actions are…

Cat Scratching Furniture

Why Cats Scratch

Are your chairs, window screens, and rugs all turning to confetti beneath your cat’s lethal claws? If so, you may be wondering how you can stop this behavior. Of course, it may be easier to stop your cat from destroying your home if you understand why he scratches first. Before cats were domesticated, they were…

Cat Eating Houseplant

Protect Your Home From Destructive Cats

When it comes to cat behavior some cats can be very destructive to your house. From scratching up furniture to destroying plants, the amount of damage can add up after a while. So how do you protect your house from your cat? When it comes to having a destructive cat there are many simple and…