Osteoarthritis in Dogs

Osteoarthritis is one of the more common chronic conditions that impacts dogs today. It can have a severely negative impact on your dog’s life, as it is progressive, incurable, and can cause pain. If your dog is diagnosed with osteoarthritis, it is vital to take the steps required to ensure that your dog can still…

Dog with Cataracts

Canine Eye Problems & Solutions

To understand the various reasons why your dog may come down with a serious eye problem, you need know some important information on the genetic make-up of these animals. For example, the normal dog has eyelashes on the upper lid only. They are in three to four rows, so close together that they appear as…

Belgian Malinois Have a Higher Rate of Epilepsy

Q & A: Dog Epilepsy

Question: Dog Epilepsy “I own a female Terrier and she is almost five years old. Every three to four months she has what appears to be a seizure. My veterinarian cannot seem to help because each time she has an episode, the 20 minute drive to the doctor’s office seems to be enough time for…

Dog with Mange

Q & A: Demodectic Mange

Question: Demodectic Mange “I have a Great Dane with demodectic mange. I’d like to know more about this condition. My dog is under the care of a veterinarian, and has been for some time, but with little in the way of results.” Answer: Don’t lose faith in your veterinarian. The parasites causing the condition are…

Very Thirsty Older Dog

Dog Disease: Pyometra In Your Dog

Owners of unsprayed females may at some time be faced with a diagnosis of pyometra in their dog. Pyometra means a pus-filled uterus and it affects primarily dogs that are five years old and older. It is a very debilitating disease and will often result in death unless the infected uterus is surgically removed. The…

Dog with Infected Eyes

Your Dog’s Eyes – Part 3

Many eye diseases in dogs can be successfully cured surgically if non-surgical treatments do not help. In the condition in which the tear glands and ducks are not producing tears, for example, a medication is put into the dog’s food in the form of drops. If there is any function at all left, the medication…

Dog Getting Eyelid Surgery

Your Dog’s Eyes – Part 2

Most dog owners, if not all of them, never consider looking into their pet’s eyes for signs of illness, especially dogs with hair over their eyes. There is a myth that cutting the hair away from a dog’s eyes will cause blindness, but, in fact, a dog’s eyes are much less likely to become diseased…

Veterinarian Checking Golden Retriever's Eyes

Your Dog’s Eyes – Part 1

The eye, in dogs, as in all animals, is the most specialized of the sensory organs. As such, it is highly sensitive to trauma, infection and disease, both acquired and hereditary. Because dogs can’t tell their owners when they are suffering irritation or pain in their eyes, the eye is an often overlooked area of…