What to Do if Your Dog Eats Chocolate

Just as I was sitting down to compose this blog, my phone buzzed, indicating that I received a text message. Little did I know that my next topic of discussion was texting its way into my writing. It was a message from a friend that simply said, “My 25-pound dog ate about 3 ounces of…


Common Holiday Plants That Are Unsafe for Pets

The time of year has come for us to start getting ready for the holidays, whatever that might mean to you. No matter what holiday you celebrate or don’t, there are a quite a few household plants that have become normal for this time of year. Yet, did you know that more than 700 plants…

Cat and Dog in Trash Can

Pet Poisoning

Pet Poisoning should be the concern of every dog owner, as well as having other pets in the house. Some pet owners fear that an unfriendly neighbor might deliberately poison their dog because of some real or imagined misbehavior. But cases such as these are, fortunately, very rare. More often, pet poisoning is the result…