Irish Setter Show Dog with Handler

Dog Training – Training Show Dogs

Over 130 different breeds compete in major dog shows, such as the Westminster in the US or Crufts in the UK. But there’s a good deal more to developing a show dog than simply acquiring a dog of one of those breeds and teaching it to sit or stay. Within any breed there are dogs…

Guard Dog

Large Dogs & The Law

From the tiniest of lapdogs to the most towering shepherd or work animal, dogs have been among man’s closest associates since the beginning of recorded time. Nowhere among the creatures of the earth are there two other species capable of developing the closeness which exists between humans and canines; a closeness which leads them to…

Westminster Dog Show

The AKC – Know Your Dog’s Genealogy

When you shop for a purebred dog, you will probably notice that many breeders use the initials AKC when they talk about their purebred puppies. What exactly is the AKC? These initials stand for the American Kennel Club, a registry for purebred dogs born in the United States. The AKC holds dog shows and obedience…


The Numismatic Dog – Dog Coin Collecting – Part 2

The Norwegian coin features a Norwegian Elkhound and also comes with a full set of coins featuring animals and birds of that North country. These coins made their first appearance in 1958 and also included the moose, squirrel, grouse, and horse in their designs. At the collector’s discretion, one other coin could be added to…


The Numismatic Dog – Dog Coin Collecting – Part 1

For many centuries man has enjoyed a close relationship with the dog family, either as a foe or as a friendly companion. In their very earliest contact, the two realized that each could benefit the other. First, as a means of obtaining food and secondly as an inter-protective relationship. Unlike the cow and the horse,…