Dog with Flexi-Lead Leash

The Flexi-Lead, A Popular Dog Leash

As your puppy gets a little older, the most important training aid that you will need will be a variety of dog training leashes. Of course using certain collars and leashes may seem a bit structured and strict to use when training your puppy, but they are meant to be a temporary tool designed to…

Dog with Sock in His Mouth

How To Get Your Puppy To Stop Stealing Clothes

Puppies are like little children in that they need constant discipline and a watchful eye to be sure that they can learn the rules of your house.  Some puppies have major behavior problems, while others display the typical scenarios, such as stealing clothes and other small items around the house as if it were a…

Puppy Biting Owner's Hand

How To Control Nipping & Biting

One thing you can count on when bringing home a new puppy is the fact that he will nip and bite at your fingers during the first few days or weeks.  This is perfectly normal and there is no reason to get alarmed that you may have purchased an aggressive dog.  However, like any behavior…

Puppy and Kitten Playing Together

Can Your Dog And Cat Ever Become Friends?

Cats and dogs are notoriously famous for being thought of as arch enemies. From cartoons to movies, they are always being depicted as two animals that are always at each other’s throats. This makes it easy to assume that they are not meant to get along.  However, there is a way for these two seemingly…


Dogs Can Teach Your Children Responsibility

I feel bad for those parents out there who do not believe in having a dog as a family pet.  Some people just do not understand how beneficial it is to have an adorable and loyal companion as a member of the family. Puppies and dogs bring an atmosphere of love into the house and…