Border Collie Working the Field

Matching Your Dog’s Diet With His Lifestyle

What you put in your dog’s food bowl has a direct correlation to his health and happiness. There are several similarities between humans and dogs concerning nutrients and proper feeding. Dogs, like humans, are omnivores. This means that we need both meat and vegetables in order to be healthy. Our diet should include the right…

Pug Dog Standing by His Food Bowl

Confused About Dog Nutrition?

Giving your puppy good food, healthy treats, and the necessary supplements will not only help him grow strong and healthy, but it will also affect his behavior and his ability to be trained to learn new things. Every dog is different, and there are certain factors to consider when determining the diet program that will…

Fish and Chicken - 2 Good Sources of Protein for Your Dog

The Role Of Protein In Your Dog’s Health

How does protein work in a dog’s body? Picture a string of beads and each string is needed to produce a complete picture or an artwork. The job of protein in your dog can be compared to this strings of beads. Each protein is similar to individual strings of beads. Just as these strings are…