Mixed Breed Dog House

Q & A: Bedding & Grooming Help

Question: Bedding & Grooming Help “I own four mixed-breed dogs, three of which I keep penned. I would like to know what the best bedding would be for a doghouse – burlap, straw, or wood shavings? Also, what are the necessary tools for grooming short-haired dogs?” Answer: For many reasons, it is recommended that burlap…

Puppy Chewing Christmas Decorations

Puppy Safety: When Decorations Kill

A puppy’s approach to the world, outside the box he was born in, is quite simply, to eat it! This includes shoes, toys, sofa cushions, and just about anything else he can put into his mouth. If the object is too big to fit, the puppy will whittle it down to size with his pin-like…

Cat and Dog in Trash Can

Pet Poisoning

Pet Poisoning should be the concern of every dog owner, as well as having other pets in the house. Some pet owners fear that an unfriendly neighbor might deliberately poison their dog because of some real or imagined misbehavior. But cases such as these are, fortunately, very rare. More often, pet poisoning is the result…

Poodle Grooming

Dog Grooming Q & A – Part 2

I groom my own Poodle. His front legs are very bowed. Is there any way to disguise this? Using a pair of scissors, cut the hair shorter over the outside of the elbow and the inside of the ankle and longer over the inside of the elbow and outside of the ankle. This trick won’t…

Labrador Retriever Grooming

Dog Grooming Q & A – Part 1

A Beagle, a short-haired Chihuahua, a Labrador Retriever – these dogs do not need to be groomed, right? Wrong! All dogs require some grooming to ensure their health and happiness. Take a closer look at your dog and find out if some of the following questions and answers apply to him. My dog loves to…