Black Lab Urinating

Holistic Dog Health Q & A – Part 1

Controlling Seizures Caused By Distemper I have a four-year-old Labrador mix that contracted distemper from an old neighbor’s puppy. The initial acute period of the disease went by with little problems thanks to homeopathy, but within weeks she was having seizures on a daily basis. After doing a lot of research and talking with my…

Raw and Dry Dog Food

5 Types Of Commercial Dog Food To Consider

Just a few years ago, feeding your dog was so much simpler compared to today’s nutritional advice. I remember when my parent’s dog ate whatever the whole family would eat, including dessert! In addition to table scraps, he also ate commercial dog food. That dog had a happy life and lived well into his mid-teens…

Checking a Dog's Pulse Rate

What To Do If You Find An Injured Dog

If you were to ever be the first person to arrive on the scene after a dog has been injured, are you prepared with the necessary steps to take? The following article will help you become educated as to handling an emergency situation with a dog who has been in an accident. First, Assess The…

Injured Dog in Crate

How To Transport An Injured Dog To Safety

When coming upon an injured dog at the scene of an accident, it must be transported out of the area immediately and back to safer ground.  This process can be a bit complicated if you do not know what you are doing in terms of evaluating the dog’s injuries and whether or not you have…

Choking Dog

How To Save A Choking Dog

Dogs sometimes have a bad habit of putting anything they find inside their mouths.  Actually, let me correct that statement, dogs always seem to find a way to put objects in their mouth that do not belong there! They tend to pick up all types of stuff, ranging from balls to rocks, small toys to…