Pet Emergency Hotline

Shopping for the Right Pet Insurance

Did you know that you can purchase health insurance to cover your puppy or dog? It is absolutely true! You can get a health plan for all of your dogs. However, just like shopping for insurance premiums for things like car insurance, rental insurance, etc., shopping for dog insurance takes a little research to find…

Pregnant Golden Retriever Getting Ultrasound

How to Become a Dog Breeder

If you are a dog lover who has a special place in your heart for one particular dog breed, you may decide to devote yourself to bettering that breed. Many times, this involves working with dogs from a particular bloodline to try to create specific traits that will be passed down through future generations. However,…

Mixed Breed Dog House

Q & A: Bedding & Grooming Help

Question: Bedding & Grooming Help “I own four mixed-breed dogs, three of which I keep penned. I would like to know what the best bedding would be for a doghouse – burlap, straw, or wood shavings? Also, what are the necessary tools for grooming short-haired dogs?” Answer: For many reasons, it is recommended that burlap…