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10 Tips When Traveling The Friendly Skies With Your Dog

If you are traveling by air, try not to take your dog with with you unless there is no other option. And before buying your airline tickets, you will need to call the airline and find out their current rules and regulations regarding pet travel accommodations. As for general rules regarding pet travels, federal regulations…

Pet Hotel

Prepping Your Dog For An Overnight Visit

Often during travel times, such as the holidays, we have no choice but to take our puppy or adult dog with us and stay overnight at a friend or family’s house. This overnight visit can prove to be a ton of fun or quite the opposite, and unnerving disaster. Of course this situation can go…

Dog Travel Crate

Keeping Your Dog Safe When Traveling By Airplane

When you have to fly your  dog by plane in order to travel to a new destination, the last thing most of us want is to stuff him in a box while he sits in the cargo area during the entire flight. Unfortunately, if you have no other choice but to use the airlines for…

Submissive Puppy

The Best City Dog: Selecting Your Puppy

There is an old theory that man creates dog in his own image. Through selective breeding, people in an area develop the type of dog that fits their personality. And city dwellers have a much different “living personality” than those people who reside in other parts of the country. When you have decided on the…

Girl Waking Dog in the City

The Best City Dog: When Kids Are In The House

A good friend of mine lived with two Labrador retrievers in the city for years. In the city they were perfect gentlemen. And each fall season, they were the best dogs you could imagine in a duck blind. Dogs, like man, can learn to adapt to almost any environment. That’s why dogs have become household…

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The Best City Dog: What Breed Best Suites You?

When choosing the right dog for city life, you can test new puppies out for behavior, character and personality, but the truth is that there really is no one all-around best temperament for a city dog. You should choose a dog with a temperament that suits your needs for the way you live. I’ve got…