Border Collie Parents with Puppies

Purebred Puppies Are Worth Every Penny!

What you pay for your new dog depends to a large extent on the particular breed you want, how popular it is when you want it, what part of the country you live in, and the time of year you decide to buy the dog. And if you are shopping for a new dog during…

Collie Puppies in Yard

The Backyard Breeder

The third type of breeder that offers puppies for sale is known as the “backyard breeder”. These people should never be confused with the “small professional breeder”. The backyard breeder can be considered the “bad apple” in the barrel. “Low-Priced Puppies, Only $50.00” This type of headline can be found all across every newspaper and…

Newborn Labrador Retriever Puppies

The Small Professional Breeder – Part 2

Shopping for a new puppy through a small professional breeder is one of the best choices you could make. These breeders offer much more personal help with questions and interests than larger breeder organizations do, and with more respected care for their puppies than you could possibly imagine. However, as mentioned previously, small breeders are…

Newborn Golden Retriever Puppies

The Small Professional Breeder – Part 1

If your new puppy hasn’t eaten as much as you think he should, if he sneezes once too often for your liking, if he howls all night when you think he should be adjusted to his new surroundings – then you can thank your lucky stars that you purchased the little guy from a small…

Shetland Sheep Dog Mother and Puppies

The Large Professional Breeder – Part 2

Large professional breeders are able to supply you with an amazing amount of detailed information on the dog that interests you. In addition to pedigree information, an exercise and diet program specific to that breed, and records of behavior through the bloodline, you will also receive a health record showing the dates that the puppy…

German Shorthaired Pointer Mother and Puppies

The Large Professional Breeder – Part 1

Generally speaking, there are three different types of breeders: the large professional breeder, the small professional breeder, and what is usually referred to as the “backyard breeder”.   Today we will discuss the advantages of buying your puppy from a large professional breeder. When, and if, you find yourself dealing with a large kennel, you can…

Great Dane in the Dog Show Ring

The Best Places To Find A Professional Breeder

What steps should be taken when deciding on who and where to buy a new puppy from when giving the little pup as a Christmas gift or a birthday present? The first step is to make sure that the person or family really and truly wants a new puppy, and is totally prepared to assume…

German Shepherd at Dog Show

Get The Most From Your Dog Breeder By Educating Yourself

One of the top aspects of being a reputable breeder is that they should know what type of behavior to expect from his puppies as they grow into adulthood, known as temperate. Although it is easy to predict the future temperament of a litter by observing their parents, the right breeder has the knowledge and…

Calm Puppy

Predicting Temperament in a Dog – Part 2

A good rule of thumb for predicting temperament is to take a look at the mother, and if possible, the father of a litter. Having ruled out that factor, you can draw on the research which has been done by the experts. Just recently there was an article which described methods of selecting puppies for…