Mother Golden Retriever with Puppies

Golden Retrievers – Spaying

Since surgery is involved, the decision to spay your female Golden Retriever is a very serious one. There are benefits and risks whichever option you pick. Spaying is essentially performing a hysterectomy on your dog, removing the uterus and ovaries to prevent pregnancy and menstrual cycles. Female Goldens have a ‘heat’ about every six months,…

Golden Retriever Puppy Socialization

Golden Retrievers – Socializiation

Many dogs are deliberately not socialized – guard dogs, some guide dogs, drug sniffing dogs and others who have specialized duties. Many others simply live with people who don’t regard it as important enough to bother about. Many animals from shelters have had unpleasant experiences, making the task more difficult. But socializing your Golden Retriever…

Golden Retriever Couple

Golden Retrievers – Neutering

Neutering a male Golden Retriever may be common practice, but it is still serious surgery and carries risks and benefits. Weighing them carefully will result in the best decision for you and your pet. Neutering (‘spaying’ is the procedure for females) is a surgical procedure that removes the testicles. That act has a number of…