Bull Mastiff Dog

The Bull Mastiff

The Bull Mastiff is a cross between a Mastiff and a Bulldog. Originating from England, the Bull Mastiff was developed to work with the law to track down, tackle and hold poachers. The dogs are fierce and threatening to criminals. The Bull Mastiff was also prized as a hunting guard and as an aid in…

Komondor Dog

The Komondor

The Komondor was originally brought to Hungary by nomads to guard their sheep and is still used for that purpose today.  The earliest account of this breed is from the 16th century. The dog is said to be related to some Russian breeds and is a descendent of Tibetan dogs. The Komondor is still used…

Newfoundland Dog

The Newfoundland

If you are looking for a family dog that will devote himself to keeping your children from getting into trouble, you may want to buy a Newfoundland. These massive dogs have an innate desire to rescue people who are in danger and have an incredibly sweet and gentle nature. However, before you buy a Newfoundland…

Rottweiler Dog

The Rottweiler

Do you need a protective dog that is intelligent and devoted to its owners? If so, you may want to consider buying a Rottweiler. These big dogs were bred to be very versatile working dogs. They guard their homes and families, excel in agility training, and think that they are tiny lapdogs when they are…

Saint Bernard Dog

The Saint Bernard

More than one traveler stranded in the snowy Swiss Alps owes the ponderous Saint Bernard his life. Monks in the Alps actually developed this massive dog to be used as a rescue dog. The Saint Bernard breed is quite an old one, going back as far as the 1700s. The American Kennel Club places the…