English Bulldog Dog

Bulldog Dog Breed Profile

The Bulldog is one of those breeds that carries a mean looking facial expression, but is actually a delight to have as a pet. This dog was originally bred to attack bulls, literally.  History has it that these ferocious little guys used to attack and bite the nose of large bulls in the ring for…

Dalmatian Dog

Dalmatian Dog Breed Profile

The Dalmatian is easily known by its striking black-spotted pattern design.  However, the origin of this interesting color pattern is still unknown. Its name however, stems from Dalmatia, which is a region located in western Yugoslavia. This dog breed was recognized by the AKC back in the year 1888 and has remained popular ever since.…

Finnish Spitz Dog

Finnish Spitz Dog Breed Profile

Today’s Finnish Spitz dog stems from its ancestors, northern Spitz dogs, which were owned by Finno-Ugrian tribes traveling across the lands of Eurasia and Finland. It is theorized that these early dogs were used as watchdogs. Soon after, they were used to help assist hunters. While most dog breeds experience crossbreeding through time, this dog…

Lowchen Dog Breed

Lowchen Dog Breed Profile

Pronounced “Lerv-chun”, the Lowchen name means “Little Lion Dog”. This dog breed shares its roots with several other members of the Bichon family, such as the Havanese and Bichon Frise. The exact origin of the Lowchen is still unknown, even though several countries have all claimed to have started the breed (France, Russia, and Germany).…

Dachshund Vaccination

Dachshunds – Vaccines

Vaccines are an essential tool in keeping your Dachshund healthy, but a few do carry some risk of allergic reaction. Knowing which are vital and which are optional can help improve your odds of doing good without doing harm. – Rabies Rabies vaccine is among the most important for your Dachshund, as it is for…