Jack Russell Digging for Gophers

The Terrier Temperament

Like any group of breeds, terriers share some common attitudes. At the same time, any individual dog is just that, an individual. This mix of similarities and differences defines the terrier temperament. Jack Russells, for example, are high-energy, high-activity dogs – as are Scotties, Westies and many more terrier breeds. Still, many of their characteristics…

Fox Terrier Running through Obstacle Course

Training Your Terrier

Smart, really smart. That’s a good description of just about any terrier. That fact would suggest they should be easy to train. Unfortunately, they’re also stubborn, really stubborn. Bred to be independent, fearless and intrepid, the terrier is a natural high-energy dog. But they can be and should be trained. It will take considerable patience.…

Working Terrier on a Farm

Working Terriers

Terriers were bred from their very beginnings to perform services. In Great Britain that often took the form of breeding programs to produce a dog that would hunt fox, chase badgers or kill rats. While those activities still take place, the average modern terrier’s working life has changed a great deal. In many instances, their…

Scottie and West Highland Terrier

Owning a Terrier

Saying you have a terrier doesn’t tell a bystander much. They’re among the broadest group of breeds around. They range everywhere from a tiny toy Yorkie to the huge Airedale, from the scrappy but small Westie to the sometimes sweet, sometimes ferocious American Pit Bull Terrier. In between are a whole smorgasbord of breeds. Jack…

Yorkshire Terrier Dog

Yorkies, The Yorkshire Terrier

According to the American Kennel Club, the Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular breeds. It’s not hard to see why. With its playful attitude and beautiful appearance, Yorkies make the perfect companion, as pet or show dog. Among the smaller of a mostly small breed (exceptions are terriers like the Airedale), the Yorkshire…

Fox Terrier Dog

Fox Terriers

Fox terriers are among the oldest type of a very varied breed. Once used most often for hunting fox and other game, they’re now primarily pets. And what great pets they are, too! The name actually refers to two fairly different looking terriers, the Smooth Fox Terrier and the Wire-Haired. There are sub-breeds, though, such…

Scottish Terrier Dog

Scotties, The Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier isn’t the only native breed of its homeland, but it is probably the most recognizable. These stalwart descendants of Scotland are a favorite of so many for good reason. They’re shorter than even the average short breed terrier, standing only about 10-11 inches (22-25 cm) high. But their proud stance makes them…

Irish Terrier Dog

Irish Terrier Dog Breed Profile

The Irish Terrier is known as the world’s oldest Terrier breed.  It is said to have descended from the Black and Tan Terrier, also mixed with a larger and more streamlined wheaten colored Terrier. There is no official documentation to list this ancestry, but researchers are pretty confident with this estimation. Other information leads us…

Bull Terrier Dog

Bull Terrier Breed Profile

Dog fighting and bull baiting were considered to be a leading form of entertainment throughout Europe in the past. Owners of these warrior dogs were in a constant state of breeding different strains in order to produce increasingly better and stronger fighting dogs. Sometime during the early 1800s, there was a cross between the old…