Irish Terrier Dog

Irish Terrier Dog Breed Profile

The Irish Terrier is known as the world’s oldest Terrier breed.  It is said to have descended from the Black and Tan Terrier, also mixed with a larger and more streamlined wheaten colored Terrier. There is no official documentation to list this ancestry, but researchers are pretty confident with this estimation. Other information leads us…

Bull Terrier Dog

Bull Terrier Breed Profile

Dog fighting and bull baiting were considered to be a leading form of entertainment throughout Europe in the past. Owners of these warrior dogs were in a constant state of breeding different strains in order to produce increasingly better and stronger fighting dogs. Sometime during the early 1800s, there was a cross between the old…

Scottish Terrier Dog

Scottish Terrier Breed Profile

Although there is a bit of confusion concerning the background and origin of the Scottish Terrier, researchers do have conclusive documentation and information that shows this dog breed thriving back to the late 1800s. What is the confusion about? For starters, we used to refer to all terrier-types that were from Scotland as “Scottish Terriers”.…

Jack Russell Veterinary Exam

Common Diseases Among Terriers

Because the group of terrier breeds is so diverse it’s difficult to find a single set of diseases common to all. Even calling a condition common is a little misleading, since it means only that it tends to occur more often within that breed. It does not mean that most individuals get that disease. That…

Jack Russell Terrier with Harness

Gear For You and Your Terrier

The first tool any terrier owner will need is a collar/leash or halter. Terriers are independent, high-energy dogs and being restrained is not their favorite mode. But for their safety and that of others a sturdy restraint is a must. For some smaller breeds like Yorkies or Skyes a collar and leash might well be…

Airedale Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer

The Terrier Breeds

Terriers are among the most diverse breeds, ranging from the tiny toy Yorkie to the large Airedale. Originally developed to hunt and trap small game, the group has largely changed its role in human life over the past 200 years. But the wide range of size, temperament and appearance has caused terriers to continue to…

Bull Terrier Dogs

Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier is a good dog that has developed a bad reputation. This dog was created to fight and when a Bull Terrier is mistreated, it can be made into a dog that is quite aggressive, even vicious. With proper care and training, a Bull Terrier puppy can grow up to be a sweet…