German Shepherd Rescue Dog

German Shepherds – The Dual Personality

As with any breed, individual behavior will vary. But, also as with any breed, there are common characteristics that are typically shared by all members. Among German Shepherds those behaviors revolve around their ‘instinctive’ patterns, patterns that reveal a dual personality. Bred at the end of the 19th century to serve, as the name suggests,…

German Shepherd Scratching

German Shepherds – Skin Problems

German Shepherds can suffer from any number of common skin problems, often lumped under the title ‘Pyoderma’, which is technically a skin infection. Those infections are usually the result of a bacteria (often some kind of staphylococcus). The infection can be limited primarily to the outer skin layer, or may penetrate deeper into the subcutaneous…

German Shepherd Puppy with Kittens

German Shepherds – Socialization

Socialization involves getting your dog familiar and comfortable with other dogs, pets and people in their environment. As natural pack animals it’s often easy to do, and sometimes even harder to keep them from interacting at inappropriate times. Most dogs benefit from socialization. The people around them do too. But German Shepherds and a few…

German Shepherd Police Dog

German Shepherds – The Working Dog

German Shepherds were bred over 100 years ago specifically to work at herding sheep. They’ve been earning their keep ever since. Shepherds have served as guide dogs, bomb or drug sniffing dogs and more. They’re the very image of a police dog. They’ve proven themselves in these roles and many more. Training begins early in…

Standard Collie Dog

The Collie

Almost every child wants to own Lassie, the wonder Collie. Unfortunately, if the child really expects one dog to be that incredible, a Collie puppy may be a bit of a disappointment. After all, in real life, Lassie is actually played by several hard working Collies. The Collie was originally bred to herd sheep and…

Jack Russell Dog

Jack Russell Dog Breed Profile

Jack Russell Terriers are feisty, energetic dogs that gained popularity with the advent of the Wishbone series. However, in real life, these dogs are not exactly like the famous Wishbone. This dog breed is all terrier, and sometimes a Jack Russell’s temperament can be overwhelming for inexperienced dog owners. The Jack Russell Terrier is also…