Pet Horse Training – What Should You Know

Horse Training is not a simple and easy process as it seems to be by listening. One should know each basic and little thing regarding the training process of a horse to make the entire task easier and proper. So, what things a person or individual needs to take care of when they need to…


What Are the Basic Needs of Healthy Horses?

If horse keepers want to keep their horses healthy, they should be able to identify the signs and symptoms that indicate ill health and injury. Early detection can save both owner and animal from undue stress. If your horse is to maintain good health, then you need help from equine professionals such as veterinarian, trainer,…


How to Handle the Costs of Owning a Horse

It’s no secret that owning a horse can be expensive. Their shelter, food and vet bills can cost you a lot of money. And it’s even more costly if you ride or perhaps compete with them. You might start off having no problem with the expenses that come with your horse. But everyone hits hard…


9 Complete Care Tips For Your Horse

Whether you are thinking about buying a horse or already have one, you need to know how to take care of it. Much of the time, people tend to think that equestrian care is easy, but it is not. When you have a horse, you have a massive responsibility. You need to look after their…

Horse Bit

Buying Guide to Bits

If you want your horse to go where you want to go when you are riding him, then you will need to use one essential piece of equipment, the bit. The bit is basically a metal bar that sits in the horse’s mouth and hooks to the two sidepieces of a bridle. When you tug…

Horse Bridles

Buying Guide to Bridles

You may be able to ride a horse without a saddle, although it isn’t the safest idea, but few people can control their horses without a bridle. The bridle is designed to connect the bit in a horse’s mouth with the reins in the rider’s hands. This enables the rider to signal his horse to…

Horse Halter

Buying Guide to Halters

The halter is the first piece of tack most horses ever wear and usually the only piece they still wear after they are retired to the pasture. Halters are important because they can help horse owners control their animals in any number of situations. All halters basically have the same style. However, you can find…

Harnessed Horses

Buying Guide to Harnesses

If you want to have your horse pull a cart, a wagon or even a sleigh, you will need one important piece of tack, the harness. A harness connects your horse to the cart or other conveyance and gives you a way to control the horse. There are several harness models, from standard driving harnesses…