7 Essential Items Every New Horse Owner Must Have

There’s more to owning a horse than just giving it food and water. Keep reading for 7 essential items every new horse owner must have. Are you looking to get a horse as a gift for yourself, your sister, or daughter? If you are, take caution. Owning and taking care of a horse is neither…


What Are the Basic Needs of Healthy Horses?

If horse keepers want to keep their horses healthy, they should be able to identify the signs and symptoms that indicate ill health and injury. Early detection can save both owner and animal from undue stress. If your horse is to maintain good health, then you need help from equine professionals such as veterinarian, trainer,…


How to Handle the Costs of Owning a Horse

It’s no secret that owning a horse can be expensive. Their shelter, food and vet bills can cost you a lot of money. And it’s even more costly if you ride or perhaps compete with them. You might start off having no problem with the expenses that come with your horse. But everyone hits hard…


9 Complete Care Tips For Your Horse

Whether you are thinking about buying a horse or already have one, you need to know how to take care of it. Much of the time, people tend to think that equestrian care is easy, but it is not. When you have a horse, you have a massive responsibility. You need to look after their…

Horses Feeding at the Trough

Feeding Your Horse

When you are caring for your horse, one of your most important responsibilities will be feeding him properly. Overfeeding grain to a horse can lead to a serious case of gas colic, which is an illness caused by a horse’s inability to burp. Gases develop in the horse’s digestive tract and cause the horse to…

Vaccinating a Horse

Horse Health

Many new horse owners are completely unaware that horses need to be vaccinated regularly, just as other pets do. However, since a horse is so large, providing these animals with preventative health care may be even more important than it is for dogs or cats. After all, you can’t exactly tuck a sick horse into…

Horse Stable

Stabling Your Horse

When you buy a dog or cat, where to keep your new pet is probably one of the last things on your mind. However, for anyone who is considering buying a horse, housing is one of the biggest concerns. After all, you can’t exactly give your horse a pet bed in the kitchen! Of course,…

Horse Grooming

Grooming Your Horse – An Overview

While almost any animal should be groomed to keep it looking sleek and glossy, grooming a horse is even more important. Grooming a horse regularly can prevent serious medical problems, especially those that are hoof related. Since a horse is so big and powerful, it is important to have complete control over your animal, even…