Horse Stable

Stabling Your Horse

When you buy a dog or cat, where to keep your new pet is probably one of the last things on your mind. However, for anyone who is considering buying a horse, housing is one of the biggest concerns. After all, you can’t exactly give your horse a pet bed in the kitchen! Of course,…

Horse Grooming

Grooming Your Horse – An Overview

While almost any animal should be groomed to keep it looking sleek and glossy, grooming a horse is even more important. Grooming a horse regularly can prevent serious medical problems, especially those that are hoof related. Since a horse is so big and powerful, it is important to have complete control over your animal, even…

Horse Grooming Tools

Grooming Your Horse – Grooming Tools

So, you finally have a horse and now you need to buy grooming tools. However, the feed and tack store is crammed with tools and equipment, which of these tools do you need to buy to keep your horse looking and feeling great? The first thing any horse owner or even someone who wants to…

Horse Groomer

Grooming Your Horse – How to Groom

If you’ve never groomed a horse before, looking at that pile of mysterious looking equipment, brushes and combs can be overwhelming. How do you use these tools and when do you use them? Should you start with your horse’s mane or with his hooves? While people may all groom their horses a bit differently, there…

Horse Shower

Tips for Keeping Your Horse Cool this Summer

Ensure your horse keeps its cool during a heatwave – Horses are a lot like humans. Admittedly, it’s rare for us humans to carry a small man clad in garish colours on our back or tuck into a mound of hay – but when it comes to coping during a heatwave, horses and humans often have…

Mare and Foal

Horse Training

If you buy a foal or a horse that is green broke, you will need to be prepared to train your horse. After all, a badly trained horse is not just unenjoyable. A horse is a big animal and can be downright dangerous if he is not properly trained. Of course, it is not easy…

Horse Eating an Apple

How to Behave Around a Horse

Horseback riding is a fun and relaxing activity for both adults and children. However, horses are large, powerful animals and are easily startled. Before you or your children go horseback riding, you should know how to behave around a horse. One of the first things anyone interested in horses should know is that horses can’t…

Angry Horse

Reading a Horse’s Body Language

If you’ve ever been the victim of an animal bite, you may think that the attack came out of nowhere. However, if you knew how to read an animal’s body language, you would probably have seen one or two tell tale signals that may have enabled you to avoid being bitten. Just like other animals,…