Tack Room

Horse Tack

If you are figuring up the cost of buying a horse and haven’t added in the cost of tack, you will need to reevaluate your budget. Horse tack is an essential part of owning a horse, whether you plan to ride your horse for pleasure or compete in equestrian sport events. Tack doesn’t just allow…

Rider in a Horse Jumping Show

Competing in Events With Your Horse

While there is certainly nothing wrong with riding your horse just for fun and relaxation, competing in events can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Competing brings you and your horse closer together and improves your riding skills. Whether you like to complete intricate dressage movements, jump hurdles or rope calves, you can find an…

Horse in Stall

Dismounting and Untacking Your Horse

You’ve had your very first experience with riding a horse and it was absolutely wonderful. However, even if you’re having the best time of your life, you can’t stay up there forever. Eventually, you will need to get off that horse. Luckily, it is not very hard to dismount a horse. In fact, it is…

English Dressage

English Versus Western Riding

So, you want to learn how to ride a horse, but then you found out that there are two different types of horseback riding, English and Western. Now, you need to choose the right one for you, but are they really that different? Is one better than the other? Actually, English and Western riding really…

Saddle and Stirrups

Get Your Horse Moving

You’ve managed to make it up on top of your horse and boy, is it a long way down! Now, how do you get him to move? After all, you don’t want to make an animal this big mad when you are on his back. Surely you aren’t supposed to kick him, right? Actually, yes,…

Riding Boots and Helmet

Equestrian Apparel

Do you picture yourself riding barefoot on your galloping horse with the wind blowing through your hair? If so, you may want to reconsider your riding apparel. Although it may not be quite as comfortable and relaxed as going barefoot and hatless, some riding apparel is designed to keep riders safe so that they can…