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Maryland Pet Directory :: Animal Communicators
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Fast, effective, humane, behavioral therapy. In-home training for dogs of any age with any issue. Guaranteed for the life of your dog even if you move!

Intuitive consultations for insight, resolution and harmony with your animal companions!

Inspired By Angels presents Gena Wilson, LCSW. She is your telepathic link to the animal kingdom. Animal communicator, psychic, medium, Reiki Master, teacher and Licensed Social worker.

Intuitive communication between you and your animal friends, helping you to better understand and view their wishes and concerns and to form a more loving bond with them. Health issues can also be revealed. Reiki is offered. Lost pets. Visit our website.

Telepathic communication with animals for behavioral or family problems, health issues, grief and loss. Reiki healing and human intuitive consultations.

We teach You how to talk with your animals, understand one another's points of view and develop an equal partnership. Both Corduroy and I are Reiki Masters, Energy Healing services and Behavior Modification training are also available.

Helping people and their animal companions understand each other

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