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Maryland Reptile and Amphibian Rescues Categories

We provide local rescue services for unwanted or homeless reptiles and amphibians. We then place these these animals in good homes though our local adoption services.

The mission of Foundation for Iguana Rescue Safety and Training Inc. (FIRST) is to provide iguana owners with proper husbandry techniques, facilitate contact with other iguana owners, provide limited rescue and adoption and to educate the public about these large and difficult pets. Our emphasis will be education by way of internet information and participating in educational booths at various events.

Conservation, Education, and Adoption - non-profit, all volunteer society for turtle lovers with an adoptions program for unwanted or displaced pet turtles & tortoises.

We take in an array of reptiles and amphibians and try to find homes for the critters or use them as hands-on, educational resources to teach the public about the reptiles.

The Virginia Reptile Rescue is a non profit organization dedicated to the conservation of native Virginia reptiles and amphibians and responsible pet guardianship.