Animal Advocates of Howard County



Location: Howard County
Type of Animal Served: Cats, Dogs, Reptiles and Amphibians, Small Furry Animals , Rabbits, Ferrets, Birds
Professional Associations: Maryland Link Coalition
Other Services:
We provide free spay/neuter services to income-eligible residents, and provide information regarding reduced cost services to all others. We even provide pet transportation when necessary.

We participate in many humane education programs for young people of all ages in schools and through other organizations. Our educational efforts include adults as well. We offer pet selection and training advice, and professional resources for behavioral problems. We also help the public understand difficult issues such as puppy mills, so-called no-kill shelters, and humane alternatives to dealing with feral cats and wildlife.

We are recognized by several national organizations as the local affiliate when action is needed for animal welfare issues. We are a member of the Maryland Link Coalition, an organization of social and law enforcement agencies which understands that violence toward animals, spouses, and children are closely connected.

We operate an "animal helpline" and will try our best to address your questions, concerns, and issues directly, or refer you to appropriate contacts.

Animal Advocates promotes the adoption of pets from Howard County Animal Control (“The Shelter”). Our volunteers help to place given-up and unclaimed stray cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, and occasional reptiles into permanent homes. We do this by working in kennels and cages at the shelter exercising, socializing and showing animals to potential adopters, taking photos of the animals and delivering them on picture boards to over 90 locations in the area, and posting them on our website.

We work extensively with dozens of species, breed, and wildlife rescue groups, all of which pull animals in trouble from local shelters. We provide financial, volunteer, and administrative support to these groups, and secure temporary shelter to save countless animals each year.

Please note that we are not affiliated with the Howard County Animal Welfare Society

Animal Advocates of Howard County – Pets Available for Adoption

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