National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association Rehome & Rescue



Location: Allegany County
Service Area:
Type of Animal Served: Dogs

Rescue Entles can come from shelters, rescue organizations or be relinquished by their owners. In the case of any rescued Entles, the club steps up to identify, help finance, coordinate transport and place them in proper, qualified homes. To maintain status in the NEMDA Breeder Code of Ethics program, all NEMDA breeders agree to bear the lifetime responsibility for the well-being of their own EMDs, as well as any they have bred. On occasion an Entle from a NEMDA breeder may be in the position of needing a new home, this distinction is made as a “rehome” Entle. In the case of any rehomed Entles, the EMD’s breeder steps up to insure the dog is placed in a proper, qualified home.

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