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Pet forums, message boards & chat rooms are available for all types of pets and animals, and all kinds of topics...there are literally thousands of them. Click on the text links below to view a selection of some these pet groups! If you would like to suggest a link to add to this page on the website please e-mail us.


NEWLY REDIGNED! Animal & Pet Forums. Membership is free...we want to hear from you! Forums include:

AOL Pet Groups
- Group categories include: Animal Assisted Therapy, Animal Welfare,
Birds, Cats, Dogs, Exotic, Ferrets, Fish and Aquaria, Health, Herp, Horses, Pet Food Cooking, Pet Travel, Pigs, Rabbits, Rodents, and Training...

Google Pet Groups - New feature on Google..All types of pets and and topics...

MSN Pet Groups - Group categories include: Cats, Dogs, Horses, Pet Photos...

Yahoo Pet Groups - Group categories include: Health, Rescue and Adoption,
Cats, Fish, Hedgehogs, Hermit Crabs, Insects, Loss and Bereavement, Rodents, Sea Monkeys, and Veterinary Medicine... Forums - Categories include: Dogs, Cats, Fish & Ponds, Birds, Reptiles & Amphibians, Exotics & Small Animals, Horses & Farm Animals, Insects & Arachnids, Pet Loss and Grief Support, and Dealing with Illness & Injury... Chat Rooms - Categories include: Bird Chat Rooms, Aquarium & Pond Chat Rooms, Critter & Small Animal Chat Rooms, Dog Chat Rooms, Cat Chat Rooms, Horse Chat Rooms, Exotic Animal Chat Rooms, Insects & Arachnids Chat Rooms, Reptile & Amphibian Chat Rooms, Pet Loss Support, and The Auditorium Chat Room. Chats are held between 8 p.m. and midnight each night...see the website for specific schedules... Home l About Us l MD Pet Adoption & Rescue Services l Pet Health Care Maryland Pet Friendly Places l Pet Products & Services l Pet Resources l Email MarylandPet